In order to be more comprehensive understanding of the knowledge about our products,we collect all the analyses of problems for every order,hope it will help you.

Q1: Is your company a manufacturer or a trading company?

A: We are a transmitter manufacturer located in Anshan, Liaoning, China.

Q2: I am very interested in your product, can you send me your full catalog and price list?

A:We can select some popular products for you immediately. Please let us know your requirements so that we can send the quotation to you.

Q3: What's the payment method you accept?

A:30% deposit T/T in advance, the 70% balance must be paid before the delivery normally,about special condition, we can discuss and solve it.

Q4. What are these equipments used for?

A. We are original manufacturer in FM Radio & TV Broadcasting equipments; they are professional used for FM Radio & TV Broadcasting Station (Transmitting equipments.)

Q5. What equipment & solution does your company can provide?

A. We can do complete solution for FM Radio Station System. It includes:Studio--Link--Transmitter--Cables--Antenna.

We also can provide complete Transmitting part of TV Station. It includes:Link—Transmitter—Cables—Antenna.

Q6. How large areas can One Station cover?

A. One FM or TV Station can cover one city or one town.

The Maximum cover ranges of one station can not exceed 100KM Radius because the Earth is Curve.

You can use multiple Stations and different frequency to cover larger area.

Q7. How do I choose suitable equipments for my station?

A. The most import factors are power and frequency.

We need to know the power and frequency you need exactly.

What's the distance do you want to cover in Radius?

What's the height can your antenna can be installed?

Q8. How to calculate the cover range of the broadcasting equipments?

A. The cover range depends on 4 factors:

1. Power from transmitter; 2. The height of antenna; 3. Gain from antenna; 4. Environment around.

Then we can know the cover range of your station.

Q9. Is the Frequency Adjustable?

A. FM Radio Band Frequency is 87~108MHz, TV Band Frequency includes UHF/VHF band.

For FM Radio Transmitter; Power Below 2KW is all adjustable. Above 2KW would be narrow.

For TV Transmitter; all Frequency Band is very Narrow, only can contain around 3 Channels; so it’s not adjustable.

Q10. Is it available for your analog TV transmitter to be upgraded to digital?

A. Yes. But the frequency bands should be the same.

The only difference between analog and digital TV transmitter is its TV modulator.

After upgraded to digital, the power from TV transmitter reduced 5 times.

For example: 1KW analog TV transmitter can be upgraded to 200W digital TV Transmitter.

Q11. How to do installation of these equipments?

A. For small power station, the equipments are very easy for installation.

For large power station, we can send our engineer to your country to help you do the installation, but you should pay the cost.

We also can do training for your engineer here in our company

Q12. How to operate these broadcasting equipments?

A. We will provide all English version user manual and operation software together with our equipments.

We also can do training for your engineer here in our company.

Q13. What about after sales?

A. The warranty time is one year after goods leaving factory.

We can provide technical support on line or in our company.

We can send spare parts to you directly when the equipment damaged.

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